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Bucket List


This is a list where you will find out all about me and all of the things I will strive to undertake and eventually accomplish.

You might wonder why this is called a “Bucket List”? Fair, enough. I had asked the same question before and here is what Urban Dictionary says. Briefly it comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.

There is also a movie called The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Don’t you worry, I am not going to spill the beans, but I might as well quote IMDB regarding the plot summary: “Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die”. It is all about wishes and ToDos, hence the name. In case you happen to have a chance to watch, just go for it.

Since the moment I decided that I had to have a bucket list, I have done many Google searches, visited several websites and blogs, talked to people. I have seen several different ways of making use of bucket lists. Some seem to write the items in stone and not willing to change any details or even add any additional items at all. Some put a deadline and work on the list as if it were a project. Some do focus on the categorization, meaning  they solely concentrate on particular subjects such as, travelling, sports, career etc.

My list will be quite flexible, that is what I know for sure. This is called a bucket list, eh, so why should I put a deadline? It simply doesn’t make any sense. Well, sure it would help keeping the focus and also kill any potential procrastination by all means. But I have always been quite disciplined and I know I am going to attempt undertaking the items, provided that the conditions are mature. Thus, NO deadline.

Considering this is and will be a long running list, I am NOT writing the items in stone either. As of now (01 September 2011), the list is still raw. I will always be looking for ways to improve/amend the list and the items to reflect the changes in my desires, passions matching the latest trends, technologies, working & living conditions etc. Hence any given moment, the list should be up-to-date and shall comprehensively summarize my ambitions.

It is possible you might come across a couple of items -just a couple, not many- which were actually accomplished before the publishing of this bucket list. It may sound a little contradictory to the context, however I had to have these items, as they had already been in my wish list for quite a while and I was lucky enough to finish them off earlier.

One final thing, you will also notice some items are relatively and in some cases quite “easier” to accomplish when compared to the others. That was unfortunately inevitable. I could of course spend time on balancing the items more equally, however that would have caused unnecessary pain. But the bucket list should be all about Fun! And since there is no official standards or guidelines to follow, this is what I am going for!

Bucket List Facts

Publish date: 01 September 2011
Last updated: 20 September 2011

# of total items: 103 (on the publish date), 103 (current)
# of completed items: 17
# of in progress items: 9

  1. Spend a vacation in Cancún, Mexico.
  2. Watch a Miami Heat home game, if possible a playoff game. (American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, US)
  3. Visit the Red Light District; Amsterdam, Holland.
  4. Visit the Eiffel Tower; Paris, France.
  5. Drink German beer on a Saturday in the Oktoberfest tents; Münich, Germany.
  6. Enjoy a symphony or a musical in Sydney Opera House; Australia.
  7. Watch a Superclásico, either in La Bombonera or in El Monumental; Argentina.
  8. Running with the cyclists in Alpe d’Huez (Tour de France) and of course carrying a Turkish flag
  9. Attend a Rio Carnival, Brazil.
  10. Have a “Lord of the Rings” Marathon weekend and watch all 3 movies.
  11. Go geocaching and find a cache
  12. Surf a couch and also welcome couchsurfers in my apartment
  13. Learn how to ski or snowboarding
  14. Cycle 100 km in a day
  15. See the Red Bull Air Race live
  16. Take a helicopter flight
  17. Take a flight at the London Eye
  18. Translate a TED talk into Turkish
  19. Give a TED talk and inspire millions
  20. See the Grand Canyon; Arizona, US
  21. Visit Machu Picchu; Urubamba Valley, Peru
  22. Visit Selimiye Mosque; Edirne, Turkey
  23. Visit Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia; Nevsehir, Turkey
  24. See 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  25. Visit 30 countries -In Progress-
  26. Learn roller skating
  27. Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle that has at least 1000 pieces
  28. Watch a Men’s Singles Final in Wimbledon
  29. Watch an NBA Playoffs Final game
  30. Write 10+ blog posts for 3 consecutive months
  31. Be the fastest  to answer the NBA Stüdyo Question of the Week correctly and win the prize
  32. Swim in an ocean
  33. Have 100+ items in the Bucket List
  34. Have an-hour-long chat with a native Spanish speaker entirely in Spanish
  35. Twitter
    1. Achieve 1,000 followers -In Progress-
    2. Achieve 10,000 followers
    3. Achieve 50,000 followers
  36. Have one my videos/audios of Youtube (or Vimeo etc.) get 50K views
  37. Buy a season ticket for matches (Possibly Fenerbahçe, possibly basketball, football)
  38. Spend at least 3 consecutive nights sleeping in a tent outside
  39. Hitchhike for 1000 km
  40. Write a mini story – at least 1000 words long
  41. Publish a mini series of podcasts – at least 20 episodes
  42. Watch a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show live and in house
  43. Turn off my mobile phone for a week – 24×7 hours
  44. Watch a match 3D & live & in theaters
  45. Experience zero gravity
  46. Learn CPR / Get a First Aid Certification
  47. Go skydiving
  48. Take part in an Free Hugs event
  49. Go on a cruise
  50. Go to a genuine St. Patrick’s Day party (UK, Ireland, USA, etc.)
  51. Finish a 365 Photography Project
  52. Witness an eclipse
  53. Take part in a sailing race
  54. Bike through 1 of National Geographic’s 10 Best Bike Trails in the World, potentially #8.
  55. Learn what baseball and cricket is all about
  56. Dive in a submarine
  57. Ride in a hot air balloon
  58. Go zorbing
  59. Swim in the world’s largest swimming pool; off the coast of Chile
  60. Ride 1 of the Top 10 Train Rides in the world
  61. Make a presence in space
  62. Go zip lining
  63. See the Northern Lights
  64. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  65. Take the Orient Express
  66. Watch an animal being born
  67. Collect eggs from a nest
  68. Visit the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  69. Attend a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand
  70. Hike through the Dolomites in Switzerland (additional info)
  71. Attend La Tomatina (Spain)
  72. Walk across one of the Spanish Pilgrimage Trails
  73. Visit Pompeii, Italy
  74. Visit every continent -In Progress-
    1. Asia
    2. Europe
    3. North America
    4. South America
    5. Africa
    6. Antarctica
    7. Australia
  75. Take an international trip with mom and dad
  76. Write a book
  77. See The Belize Barrier Reef
  78. Finish my MBA -In Progress-
  79. Watch 100 movies from IMBD’s Top 250 -In Progress-
  80. Master a recipe (potentially a desert)
  81. Visit 7 New Wonders of the World -In Progress-
    1. Chichen Itza; Yucatan, Mexico
    2. Christ the Redeemer; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    3. Colosseum; Rome, Italy
    4. Great Wall of China; China
    5. Machu Picchu; Cuzco Region, Peru
    6. Petra; Ma’an Governorate, Jordan
    7. Taj Mahal; Agra, India
  82. Visit 5 of the other finalists (out of 13)
  83. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony
  84. Learn to juggle
  85. Have a collection
  86. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award Winners for Best Picture. -In Progress-
  87. Open a Swiss bank account
  88. Go to the Kentucky Derby, known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, also referred as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”
  89. Have a proper Super Bowl Sunday in US
  90. Swimming on the Edge Victoria Falls (Devil’s Pool)
  91. See the Mona Lisa in Louvre (Paris)
  92. Cycle to the office in the morning and back home in the evening (Completed on 15 September 2011)
  93. Cycle the steep road up to Aya Yorgi Church; Buyukada, Istanbul
  94. Watch every Christian Bale movie -In Progress-
  95. Ride a unicycle
  96. Have 500+ connections on LinkedIn -In Progress-
  97. Have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  98. Witness a world record
  99. Win 1,000 Turkish Liras in a lottery
  100. Win 1,000 Turkish Liras in a bet
  101. Save one’s life
  102. Take part in a cycling race
  103. Empty Slot. If you have any suggestions, please drop a comment below. Then let’s decide on an item together!

Before closing let me also mention a couple of sites and blogs which have influenced me throughout the Bucket List journey thus far.


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